Does the Feedburner Email Subscription need to be changed after domain mapping?

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    Hi Support Team,
    I have a bit of a dilemma. I just bought a domain through with domain mapping form to
    I have been using feedburner for both rss and email subscriptions for more than a year now. My problem and question is Do I need to make any changes in the feed url for the rss or email subscriptions after this change in domain..or will domain mapping take care of it?
    The bigger issue though si that, I have nearly more than 500 email subscribers…and I really dont want to make it difficult for them….I’m hoping there is a simple solution to this.
    Please help soooooooooon.. :)

    The blog I need help with is



    Please help!!!



    The feed that people are subscribed to will remain as it is; it will not suddenly turn into That exists, it’s just a different feed. If you’ve got 500 email subscribers, just leave things as they are. Any attempt to move them to a different feed address will lose you a lot of readers.

    As long as you stay at this should be fine. If you move, however, you WILL have to get those people to resubscribe.

    You may want to put a new widget in the sidebar with the NEW feed address so that future people subscribe to your new feed.

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