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Does the free wordpress get Google Visitors?

  1. I'm just curious because I have some blogs at blogger and Google seems real slow at crawling at blogger. How long does it usually take be for your article is indexed by Google here?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Google seems pretty quick, but Yahoo is TERRIBLE in my exerience!

  3. @tamron
    If you are a new blogger here there is an important action for your to take see here >

    There are factors that expedite search engines indexing of your content. See here >

    Read also >

  4. I teach and it's usual for Google to index my students' blogs before the end of the first day, but that's in part because they are using tags and categories correctly and they have four posts up in the first day.

  5. I've done all the verification with Google and Yahoo. Yahoo says I have virtually nothing on my blog, Google knows every page - and we are now 5 months down the track - not sure when I did the whole verification thing, but shortly after I started.

    I just verified with Bing and am waiting to see how it looks in comparison.

    Mind you, to be perfectly honest I don't really understand half the darn stuff on their statistics! Page Impressions go down on the Queries stats page but on the same day the Page Impressions go up on Pages stats page?

    It just intrigued me that Google had SO much, and Yahoo nothing!

  6. Yes, just need to use tags and stuff effectively

  7. Yes, but it's not just writing stuff for a blog and sitting back, waiting for traffic to come.
    A blogger has to participate in existing Internet groups in discussion and commenting on other blogs.

  8. Apparently, my blog application doesn't support gzip compression. What does that mean and do I need to change it?

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