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Does the Rounded theme allow you to change the header?

  1. Currently the title of my blog is visible well enough, but the tagline is obscured by the flowers. Can I change the color, or somehow move it to the right? I think I remember people complaining about not being able to modify the header of this theme, but I don't know where I saw that.


  2. No, you can't change it unless you have the paid CSS upgrade and know how to use it.

  3. Do you think it would be that difficult for a new person to CSS to figure out how to change the header using CSS if I paid for the Upgrade? Also, If I pay for the upgrade once and make the changes, do I need to keep paying the fee yearly so the CSS changes I have made stay intact?

  4. 1. The CSS upgrade is not recommended unless you already have experience. There is no official support for it and only a few in the forums are well versed in it. There is a preview function which allows you to play with it and see if you can figure it out. Try before you buy - and see if it is worth it to you. There are a number of CSS resources in the CSS forum.

    2. Yes, you pay the fee every year. If you let it expire, your blog reverts back to the original setup.

  5. 1. It depends. On your skill but also on the theme you are using. Some are much easier to work with than others. I've never tried working with the CSS on Rounded, so I don't know.

    2. Yes, you have to pay yearly.

    3. Try it out BEFORE you buy. You can preview your changes (but not save them) in the CSS editor available through your dashboard. Don't spend any money until you're sure you can do what you want.

    4. There are lots of useful links to CSS tutorials at the top of the CSS forum. Have a look at those. Be aware that there is no staff support for CSS and there aren't many volunteers on the forums who can help either.

  6. Thanks vivianpaige and rosclarke!

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