Does the Search Engine produce results based on categories or tags?

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    Hey there cool wordpress users who always answer forum-questions with no delay!

    Here’s my confused noob question:

    So we have tags now… A considerable part of my blog traffic comes from the wordpress search engine which was/is? working based on categories. What’s the deal now? When you search for something, do the answers come out based on tags or categories or both?

    For example, I have a sports blog and I made a post about Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers. I add “Kobe Bryant” as a tag and “Los Angeles Lakers” as a category. When someone searches for Lakers, will he/she find my Kobe-post ?

    Thank you



    As far as I know, until we hear further clarification from staff this is the information we have:



    wordpress search engine is (never was/did) NOT ‘working based on categories’ nor tags.



    Then where all these “Search Engine Terms” in my blog stats come from? And what are they based on? Random words in my post?


    Those come from search engines outside wordpress such as Google, Yahoo, etc.



    Oooh.. right. This is interesting… Thank you

    Topic Resolved.

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    Sorry but some other question popped up…

    What’s the meaning of differentiating Tags and Categories since tags cannot be seen in the side bar for instance or in a search engine ? How do the other search engines work? If tags are shown nowhere, why have them?

    So in a nutshell… Do categories and Tags have anything to do with search engines? Or is their only use to organize your categories better?

    thx again



    It’s helpful to add the terms to the pictures as a file name when uploading pictures.


    Both categories and tags will be caught by the search engines. Categories can be though of as broad while tags allow you to narrow things down. From Timethief’s post above:



    yep, that’s absolutely true: both Cats & Tags can be thought that way.

    essentially, they are exactly just the same thing from the search engines’ point of view (literally), though.

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