Does the website even work?

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    I can’t even begin to explain the severe problems I have had all night trying to create a blog account, to access it, even to log into this forum. Half the time the links take me to the wrong place, or they don’t work at all, or the wrong processes are being carried out (or nothing at all is being carried out).

    Anyway, without getting into all the frustrating details, is there some kind of problem on the server tonight? Is it often like this? I’m very afraid to use WordPress as my blog if it’s going to continue to act this way.




    I couldn’t access the forum last night either, so they were obviously having some sort of server issue. Pretty much every host has occasional downtime and it doesn’t happen all that often, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.



    From what I’ve made up of it they are currently in the process of updating the software. I only signed up yesterday, but it worked perfectly then and from what I’ve heard from others is pretty stable.



    Working fine with me this morning. Without knowing more about your setup and/ or the specific issues that you were having, there’s not a whole lot we can help with. They’re probably doing something on the backend.

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