Does this exist in any customized themes yet?

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    I am looking for the following layout/customized theme.

    Customizeable header, page tabs, 3 columns Right Justified, fair amount of widgets.

    I realize that if it does exist it will require CSS customization, I have been through all of the templates several times! If if doesn’t exist, does anyone want a job?



    If you use the search box, or look the customcss tag, you’ll found many of them. This is a common question here, remember use the search option. Take a look to this thread:



    this site has a page which reviews all the themes available in you could have a look at it for comparison.



    Lets’s break this down a bit so I’m clear on it. You want to hire a designer to create a theme with Customizeable header, page tabs, 3 columns Right Justified, fair amount of widgets
    This post lists the themes with customizable headers
    Page tabs? All themes allow for the blogger to create multiple pages and even sub-pages. This posts explains the differences between pages (static content and no category tags) and posts as well as giving writing instructions.
    Fair amount of widgets. Almost blog themes have widgets and those that do come with the same widget capacity.
    sulz is on track when it comes to comparing all the elements of a theme and choosing which features you think will suit you. Here is the link for the theme reviews (they were done 4 at a time) that includes the features for Sandbox, the theme that was made specifically to be changed through css customization
    All of the widgets available can be found here

    Although the following link is to the theme viewer for what you see in the 3 column themes there may give you some idea as to what’s possible



    Thanks again.

    In the 3 column themes are Andreas 04, Andreas 09, Fadtastic, Garland, Sandbox, and Twenty-eight Thirteen. There really doesn’t appear to be any crossover with the custom header list. Looks like Sandbox with one of the custom CSS designs might be the best bet.

    I am really embarrassed by my lack of knowlege and inability to articulate what I do kind of understand!

    I have two underdeveloped pages that appeared in some of the themes and not in others. I have tried all of the theme’s that are currently available on without CSS upgrade, hence the page comment. I’ll need to do a little more reading from the link on those to try to understand why or how they may have just been displayed differently.

    I printed out the page on widgets. In my earlier post today I described not understanding all of the different kinds of widgets and I plan to read the printout.

    I must just have some blog-design envy from many of the blogs I’ve visited :) but clearly it is something that I am just going to have to get over!! Thanks again.



    One thing I’ve learned is that you’re better off with Sandbox + custom CSS than trying out every theme until you find what your looking for.

    You can pretty much trick out Sandbox to do anything.

    A lot less frustrating. :)




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