Does this require CSS upgrade?

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    I am using MistyLook and would like to be able to do 3 things that don’t appear to be options from the dashboard currently:
    1. Change the custom header picture so that different pages have different headers (can be the same dimensions/locations, but I want it to call a different image on About, etc).
    2. Get rid of those busy-looking dotted underlines in hotlinks.
    3. Increase the line spacing between paragraphs.

    If I pay for the CSS upgrade and either learn how to use it or find someone who can, can I fix those things? Thanks. :)

    The blog I need help with is



    1. I don’t think this is even possible with CSS, it would most likely need PHP, which we don’t have access to.
    2. Yes, you would need it unless you want to style it separately in the HTML editor.
    3. Yes, you would again need it.


    Thank you! That was quick! I noticed that even when I hit multiple hard returns after a para, it still spaces them the same.

    Thanks again for the help.



    Sorry, I wasn’t thinking when I said number three..

    You can open the HTML editor and add something like this between them:

    There’s lots of ways, here’s an easier one to put between paragraphs:

    <div style="font-size: 40px;"></div>

    Just replace “40” with another number to fine-tune it.



    You can’t with your current theme, but if you used Sandbox, then it would be possible.



    Sorry, I was talking about the header.

    Also, I would recommend a slight change to the code wpadavanced has provided, instead of using “font-size” use “height”. If the div is empty, setting a font-size that big wouldn’t make anything.

    Finally, just a little recommendation if you plan to change your font sizes in the future: pixel units for fonts are a no-no, use em or % instead.



    I received an email from someone saying that I’m giving “bad advise” by encouraging people to use “em” or “%” units instead of “px” units. Whoever believes I’m wrong, please show me resources that whatever I’m advising is bad. I’d appreciate it if you did have your ducks inline before telling me off, because if I’m wrong, I’ll admit it.

    Like I told this person, I welcome whatever makes me a better developer.

    Also, you might want to read this article:



    Since it’s only a way of spacing it with no text inside the div, I figured it would be fine to use “px” units – but you can use any of those.


    An empty div will be stripped if you switch fom html to visual, so I’ve opted for this:
    <div style="height:SET;visibility:hidden;">ANY_CHARACTER_HERE</div>

    Another way, of course, is to add padding-top or padding-bottom to paragraphs.


    Thanks for all the help. I found that if I used Windows Live Writer to write and publish from, I could hit extra returns and get more spacing between paras. But if I opened the WordPress editor to make changes, it put back the template spacing between paras, even when I had extra hard returns. Intererrresting.

    I don’t mind the default spacing between the paras in the main part of a post, but sometimes I want a pause at the end of one part before shifting gears, so I want a little more white space there. Or if I’m posting a poem, I might want bigger spaces between stanzas.

    That’s good to know about Sandbox. I may give that a try in a bit. I only have these three issues with MistyLook. Really like it otherwise. But I especially do hate the dotted line under the hotlinks. Really messy on pages where you have a lot of links.

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