Does Translation Project work?

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    I’m translating to Galego (Galician language, Spain). At the beginig it was all rigth, and very fast. But now I’m waiting to see a lot of strings translated by me for more than a week.
    I´m translating, correcting previous translations and correcting my own translations too (I´m a beginer).
    I´m doing it in order to use this hosting for education, and I’d like to see a nice interface for Galician speakers, as most of pupils in my school are, as most of teachers too. I think that this is a good site to learn teens and itroducing them in a right way to use internet, in free software … And to appreciate their own language!
    My current blog isn’t the one for education, it’s just to check the host (and I see it very good), to translate, and build a personal page, but not the one for learnig.
    Well, then I’d like to see how my translations look here, if the Translation Project is working.



    Now I can see the translations running. Thanks!
    There are hundreds of people using in our language, also in educatión, but working in translation are three or four, and just now I think I’m the only one. And there is still a lot of work to do, until September. Not all, of course, boys and girls must to learn English too! But a friendly interface is important to begin. They can use the interface in Spanish (Castillian), I know, but this is another topic.
    Thanks for the attention to my request.

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