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Does WordPress block address information for Domain owners?

  1. I was just wondering if it is possible for someone to find the mailing address of a Wordpess domain owner online? It seems like WordPress is protective of it's users, but I just want to make sure my address cannot be accessed. I once had a site through GoDaddy and it was pretty easy to find the mailing address associated with my domain.


  2. Like any domain registrar, there is usually an extra charge for domain privacy when you register a domain. True for GoDaddy as well.

    If you didn't add privacy when buying the domain, it can be added afterwards (but the info may still be cached somewhere online by companies other than the domain registrar itself).

  3. Here's a little more info I found for you while searching the Support site:

  4. To block your email address for domain name registration with any registrar - you need to use a privacy company as a go between - that should have also been an option at Godaddy - I think it costs $ 8.-- a year here - about the same with other registrars

    An internet law requires contact info for any domain name that is registered - a privacy company gets between you and the public - I think most registrars offer the service using a third party to provide the service

  5. Morning @justjennifer - you type & search much faster than I today

  6. Good afternoon to you, auxclass. Evening here and oddly this topic came up a little while ago (not in the WPcom forums) so I had my answer at hand. :)

  7. Thank you so much....I didn't remember that being an option when I signed up a few years ago, but I've already signed up for it.

    Thanks for your help with this!

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