does wordpress support 'swf' or 'flash' files and can you post things for sale?

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    I desperately need to know if WordPress supports ‘swf’ or ‘flash’ files. Also whether it would be alright to post things for sale on the blog.

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    Marantha D. Jenelle

    The blog I need help with is



    We Volunteers answering questions on this peer support forum don’t provide support by email.

    The video embeds that supports for all of our blogs – no upgrade required.


    For a Flash workaround see here >



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    can you post things for sale?

    Are you the creator of whatever it is that you wish to sell? If not, then the answer is “no”.



    Our blogs cannot be equipped for ecommerce and no blogger initiated advertising of any products or services not personally created or provided by the blogger is allowed. On free hosted blog we can use a contact form and/or a PayPal donation button for sale of only products or services created or provided by ourselves.


    thank you, thank you, thank you! and i am sorry if i came across as bossy with regards to needing answers right away. the reason i asked about the selling is because i have created what may be the worlds very first editable stationery and i wanted to post some samples of it and a button that would link to my two stores.

    once again, i am sorry if i offended anyone, it was unintentional, believe me.

    blessed be,

    marantha d. jenelle



    You’re welcome and best wishes with your blog.

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