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Does block/limit traffic coming through CloudFlare?

  1. softwaretrading


    I've switched back to wordpress for DNS, albeit admittedly somewhat sad.

    As you were kind enough to ask, I second the need for Google Analytics, as it's much more than just basic analytics, including the ability to track by goals, use regex matching of paths, and much greater detail in terms of traffic sources.

    Also, when I originally enabled cloudflare, I saw a massive drop in site latency, i.e. time to load. I realize there are a lot of moving parts in managing a massive operation like, and I am very grateful for what you provide.

    Nonetheless, initially cloudflare let me get much better speed (4s down to 120 ms), without really bothering anyone either at cloudflare or wordpress, pretty much for free. I think this was before wordpress was doing nginx-type caching.

    Even if the infrastructure was duplicated, it didn't have a performance downside for users, and also it was providing an extra layer of redundancy (more anti-fragile in the Nassim Taleb sense). So overall, it was pretty much a big win, without needing to self host, so that I could focus on creating content rather than managing infrastructure in the time I have for the blog.

    Thanks again for explaining the options.

  2. You're welcome!

    We didn't have stats goals on the roadmap, but I made note of it for consideration.

  3. If you want more stats - Quantcast is built in - it does number of visitors, number of visits and Page views - if you have a mapped domain you need to request Quantcast to enable the counting - it does some other nice metrics also -

  4. How disappointing, thanks for the response though.

    Perhaps it's finally time to move to Google Analytics is invaluable.

  5. I do appreciate the candor in your responses. I feel I should point out that it's not a matter of trying to supplant WordPress services with CloudFlare, but effectively merge the offerings of WordPress and CloudFlare as paying customers of both platforms.

    I wouldn't even be using CloudFlare to get me that "last 20%" if didn't already provide 80% of what I need, and CloudFlare means I don't have to demand that add additional features while still providing me the perfect solution. For me, it's mostly "easy DNS changes, email obfuscation, malware and bad behavior protection (I know WordPress does a good job of filtering traffic & spam, but CloudFlare prevents the traffic from ever reaching WordPress in the first place), and Google Analytics." For other customers, the feature list might include any of the long list of supported apps enabled by CloudFlare.

    Thanks again for your responses and for your consideration of customer needs!

    (Also, thanks to auxclass for the Quantcast tip—I'll be looking into that right away.)

  6. softwaretrading


    Is it possible to register a site with quantcast when it's running on How does it work technically? Via a javascript file added to your site? I'm just concerned, that the numbers on quantcast are just an educated guess.

  7. the Quantcast hooks are built into WordPress.COM - it is just a matter of asking them to add your custom domain name - all I had to do was ask them and then be a bit of a pest as it took them a couple of three tries to get the stats working - I had to do nothing to my site here other than keep asking them each week what happened -

    Never bothered to ask how things are done - I also Admin some blogs that are and the QuantCast stats just started working after a short time - sort of magic I guess

  8. PS - the numbers are not supposed to be an educated guess - the page views are quite close to those from WordPress.COM stats - the people count is different -

    remember all stats are a bit different - counting people - what is a new person? if a person visits your site today and the last time they visited was yesterday - is that a new person or new visit by a person that has been here before - what if the person last visited three months ago - new person or returning person?

  9. I left out one other great features of CloudFlare I use so often I didn't even think about it: page rules.

    Instead of creating a slew of dedicated landing pages for maintaining hierarchy, or for managing semi-dynamic content, I love being able to specify (on CloudFlare), a page rule that automatically redirects to for our current contest; when the next contest begins, I would simply point the same address ( to (which doesn't exist yet).

    Another example is, which I print on business cards and automatically point to our current campaign (e.g. Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc.) if there is one, or just to the static donation page when there's not.

    Is there any chance some sort of page rule/URL rewriting might become part of an advanced upgrade bundle on

  10. That probably won't be coming to any time soon, but you could set /contests/ to just be a page that details the current contest, or lists the contests with the most recent one highlighted.

    The same for the support page, list the donation details, but also highlight the current campaign on top.

  11. Yep, that's my current "while I can't use CloudFlare" solution. Thanks, though!

  12. You're welcome!

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