Does ever have sales on upgrade options?

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    I have a couple of options already, but I’m toying around with the idea of buying the No Ads option – it just seems pricey… Does WordPress actually generate $30 worth of ad revenue from low-visitor-volume sites?
    Anyway, I’d buy it, if I ever saw a nice sale – does that ever happen?


    The blog I need help with is



    There are no upgrade sales here.



    From my point of view it’s worth $30.00 annually to have total control over what appears on my blog. Ads are keyword triggered so it you blog against this or that and don’t have a No-Ads upgrade advertisers who are for this or that other organizations could have ads running on your blog. For example a blogger with a Christian blog who does not have a No-Ads upgrade may be surprised to see Scientology ads on it. A blogger with a business blog who does not have a No-Ads upgrade may be seeing ads for their competitor’s businesses on their blog.


    HI Timethief – I can see your point. For me, it’s really just about the overall appearance – those ads are truly ugly! I may just have to pull the trigger and buy the upgrade. I thought it worth asking first because the way it works with me is like this: once I’ve purchased something at full price, the sale price is offered… I’m just a loser that way :-)



    I agree re: the ugliness as motivating factor. Even though my personal blog has low traffic next month I will be biting the bullet and paying
    for a No-Ads upgrade for it too.


    Well, I broke down and went and bought the upgrade. It was such a small thing, but it made me so happy afterward :-)

    Thanks for your feedback, Timethief!

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