Does Backup My Blog Each Evening?

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    I’ve come from so excuse my ignorance.

    Does auto backup my site/blog? If so great! Otherwise, how do I do this without plugins? Ideally automatically so it’s done each evening whether I’m around or not.

    Also generally, passwords aside etc, is more secure than

    Glad to see some Genesis Premium Themes here…roll on more!


    Moderator as a rule backs up each blog routinely, but with 30+ million blogs currently running on the site, I wouldn’t swear to it being every evening.

    This will explain a little more

    If you have more than one Admin on your I do recommend to routinely backup your site as well.

    Also, it would help us forum volunteers in the future if you would link your blog to your username so we can be sure you’re posting in the right forum. You can do that in your Dashboard’s Personal Settings under Account Details.

    If you are really new here, you might want to check out





    Thank you…just what I was looking for. I did a search but did not find this page. Been using for 3 years now.

    There is no site to speak of as yet as literally just added blog but when I do I will do as you suggest.

    Thank You!

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