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does your dashboard seem shorter tha usual?

  1. is it just me or the top posts and latest posts are missing from dashboard? it loads faster than usual too (i'm on dialup).

  2. me also since 16 june. News; top blogs; fastest growing blogs are there. No latest posts. There has been other maybe unrelated problems with this page; and with admin page.

  3. Nope, it's not just you, I can't see them either.

    That said, with something 226,000 blogs on the list of new posts refreshes completely every time you refresh the page.

    I don't think it's a bad thing to have lost it and as you said, it certainly helps the dialup users!

  4. could wp have deliberately omitted these features, seeing as we can see them in ?

    you're right collin, i like that it's faster to get into dashboard (for some strange reason, looking at the dashboard makes me feel happy) but i like reading what latest posts thr are because you never know when you might stumble into a blog you like... it just feels incomplete without them, or maybe i need more time to get used to it =)

  5. 'They' could be doing it just to see if we want the feature. Two minutes later the latest posts are back while I write this. Thanks sincerely. I do really like latest posts! Last week 'we' caught at least 149 spam blogs through a member noticing similarities in 11 new blogs. For all we know the feature has been down to correct such problems.

  6. nope, mine's still the short dashboard. can anyone from wp confirm if this missing features deliberate or a bug?

  7. It's not a bug, it's not a 'feature' either ;)

    I see normal dashboards on 3 blogs. Tried a hard reload?

  8. The full version is missing again. If it's deliberate. then they're sure messing with my head. Win98 + Iexplorer or Firefox; Linux + Forefox. Iexplorer so slow and reluctant. There it comes back again! Yes, I have tried reloads yesterday and just a couple of hours ago. Will keep trying and see what happens next.

  9. Neither, F5 nor refresh works.

  10. Nope. Neither worked.


  11. That bit where I said it wasn't a bug? Pretend it's not there :) I've passed it on...

  12. haha. what bug?

    p.s. don't forget that other bug too, it's still nagging my account. =(

  13. my dashboard's back to normal, thanks for fixing the bug.

  14. thr seems to be another dashboard bug - the links to top wp blogs today and fastest growing wp blogs (it says http:/// when you hover over all the links thr) and top posts are incorrect (it does not have the blog url, but the archive url, ie. instead of it shows 2006/06/19/post-title).

    i have sent feedback but just checking if anyone else is experience it too?

  15. It's broke :)

  16. Ah yes, the technical description: "It's broke".


  17. Works on mine....

    I must be lucky. :)

  18. 3 days of full dashboard, no-one griping, must be fixed. Right? Good. Thanks

  19. i don't see it either? trying to have the LATEST POSTS but can't find on dashboard

  20. Mine are there no problem. Perhaps you could try reloading the page (ctrl+f5).

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