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Does your mood change during the full moon?

  1. Come join me and I'll follow you!

    Good Full Mooning =)

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  2. Oh yes, I become very emotion. Im watching the full moon sink into the ocean this morning. It's a wonderful sight.

  3. Does my mood change? I'll say! I grow fur, long teeth and a taste for meat too!

  4. victoriashadows

    Astrology says it should. I'm a Cancerian, and Cancerians are supposed to be ruled by the moon. And our stomachs, apparently.

    I think it may be the case, but to know for definite, I'd have to test the theory by actually bothering to check whether it's a full moon out or not! Haha ... but then there might be those lovely psychological effects, where my mood starts to change based on the fact that I consciously know it's a full moon. Darn.

  5. I'm always in a happy mood, when there's full moon. In England the moon is always bigger.

  6. To ardpete "HaHa"

    To noirciplume, What is your zodiac sign? If you don't mind me asking.My youngest daughter is a cancer and her normal mood is a bit moody but during the full moon she is very pleasant and loving.

    To Victoriashadows, I agree with you that it could be that you are conscious that the full moon is coming but in my case I watched this person for a good year before I even said anything to them. Again, I just started to read about astrology this past year or so. So I'm excited to see what else I can learn from books and my own research.

    To laavventura. What is your zodiac sign? If you don't mind me asking. I bet it is an awesome sight. Boy do I miss the ocean. I'v lived on the East coast for nearly my whole life and we just moved South, and theres no water around. Never thought it would bother me,but I do miss it. I guess it's true you never know what you have till it's gone.

    Thanks to everyone for commenting! =)

  7. Cancer I am not. I am a Capricorn.

  8. To noirciplume. Capricorn awesome! Wonderful people. I'm a little familiar with capricorn but I don't seem to have to many in my circle nor attract them. Have a great day!

  9. invisiblemikey

    If it's pretty and I can see the full moon my mood lightens, because I enjoy natural phenomena. Otherwise, no effect whatsoever.

  10. Oh, I'm a Libra. Well balanced ... I think.

  11. During full moon i get a craving for little red riding hoods, never been able to feed that craving tho.

  12. It does seem to affect my cat, but as far as me, there's a chance it's more difficult for me to sleep, I'm not sure that that is the case, but often when I am having difficulty someone seems to mention that it's a full moon.

  13. err no

  14. No, not really though I experience extreme mood swings when the sun is full.

  15. No, not at all. I just get a little hairier and howl occasionally. I also have to use the nail clippers more.

  16. Hm, a full moon makes it difficult for me to sleep. Even when I have all the blinds closed.

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