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Dog Plays RuneScape

  1. Today I started my new series, Dog Plays RuneScape. It's a journal about my experiences in RuneScape. Yup. That was unexpected. Ha, just kidding. If you like RuneScape, then please check this out, because I have positions for RuneScape players. If you want to write about your journeys in RuneScape, then this is the "write" place (hur hur! Dog made cheesey funnies :D)

    Now, on a more probable chance that you play or are interested in RuneScape, and are here to read and gain some entertainment and maybe even some knowledge about the game from this, then you've also come to the right place. If you have any questions about RuneScape, I would be glad to be of assistance. There is a "Support" page one my blog, so feel free to leave your questions there.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. ahhh, runescape. I used to love that game. unfortunately the community is pretty terrible ever since 2008. It's still a great, addicting game. How long have you played?

  3. Well, my first character I started probably like seven years ago or more, which I played for maybe a few months, and then I played the original Myth Wars (2D fantasy MMORPG) for a year, and then my last character I had I made in I think '09, played him for a year, then lost my three most valuable items (an epic scimitar and good armor pieces, which I got from being good at GE trading) and then I kinda just got bored and stopped playing until I remembered RuneScape three days ago and decided to see how much they changed it. I've also been playing Anarchy Online by running it from my flash drive (see, I don't have my own gaming PC right now, which I will be getting soon, but I do have a PS Vita, which I'm writing this comment from.) and UberStrike. Well, at least there's one decent person playing it now, me. Hehe. What games are you playing now?

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