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  1. Hello. I recently added as one of my domains. I actually wanted to use Is there any way I can get this changed? I tried adding but it said that hostname has already been taken.

    Thanks, Justin.

  2. Something's strange as brings up a blog. Is this yours?

  3. Yes. I want to use instead.

  4. OK, I'm missing something here because I already see a blog at that URL.

  5. drmike - he wants to have the www in the beginning of the url.

  6. Thanks Vivian. Then his answer is found in this thread where Mark explains

    There is www and no-www.
    When the domain mapping code was written we [sysadmin at] needed to decide which we would use because using both would not be a good idea. We chose the no-www.
    This is a no-can-do but certainly nothing to grieve over because the 'www' and 'paston-cooper' should not coexist within a link like that. According to drmike, 30% of the folks on the internet, as well as, most search engine spiders can't follow such a link.

  7. Been trying to figure out how to explain this:

    The 30% is when folks have a URL with three names and tack on the 'www' to it in addition as a forth.

    For example: is fine runs into the problems that some DNS servers have along with the spiders. and is fine because they don't use the 4th machine name in there.

    The issue is because you actually can use and and those would work fine if you had sites there.

    It pretains to a bug to the early attempts with load balancing. I'd have to go find the RFC and/ or docs covering it and that's not somethng that can be looked up easily in a search.

    edit: I gotta admit that I myself am torn on the dropping of the 'www' bit but only from a SEO position. I had a Google PR of 6 with When I put in Matt's plugin to remove the 'www' bit, I dropped down to a 4. But the subdomains remained where they were at 4-6. Not a biggie but it is an ego thing.

  8. @drmike
    Thanks for explaining the "www" threeness thingee.

    [snicker] An ego thing? Our venerable Moderator is admitting to having an "ego thing" about blog ranking? How endearing. ;) *lol*

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