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  1. I want to use a domain for my blog. I see the option to add the domain where I don't see were to pay for the 10 credits. How does it works?

  2. This will help. You click on "Upgrade" and every product has a buy button by it now, which charges you the exact amount of the upgrade.

  3. I don't see any buy button for the domain.

  4. I clicked upgrades and then domains and I couldn't see one either. I'm stumped. I'm afraid you'll have to send staff a feedback tomorrow (blue button) top right hand corner of any blog page.

  5. Try clicking on options and then domains.

  6. I tried "options" and then "domains" twice. It just went on and on and on spinning and trying to load the page without success. :(

  7. Do note that the domain hosting option is $10. If you have to get to purchace the domain for you, it's $15. Five bucks for a domain is pretty cheap though. :)

    The page loads fine for me. I don't have any credits and it's the end of the month so no cach either so I can't go any further.

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