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  1. I have a godaddy domain and I am trying to set up my first blog. I have chosen a blog theme and when I activate it, it takes me to the godaddy site but it says that the site is parked. How do I see my actual blog? Or who do I contact?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I really need help! I contacted GoDaddy, they had me buy hosting with WordPress from them. Now I don't have the original theme I had chosen and made up from my original purchase with WordPress - I bought the bundle package with WP so I could customize my blog. How can I talk with someone or get help via email or chat. Did I really need to buy hosting from GoDaddy?

  3. You can't use a theme from outside on a blog. You can use it on a paid Godaddy WordPress blog.

    You can blog here for free, but you say you've purchased upgrades to customize the look. That still will not enable you to use an external theme on a blog here: there is no upgrade that will allow that.

    You need to choose which you would rather have: that theme, or hosting at If you go with Godaddy and the theme you have downloaded, you need to ask for a refund for your custom upgrades here. Do that from your Upgrades page, immediately.

  4. I bought the bundle from to enable me to have customized fonts and an ad free blog, not from an outside source. Example I am trying to use the theme Able or Spectrum with a different font. I am trying to use my domain name from GoDaddy that I purchased. I set up "Able", I did the domain mapping to When I went to the theme "Able" to change the font, it says something like see what your blog looks like, so I click that it went to and had a GoDaddy parked sign. All this was before I went to GoDaddy for hosting. So I tried to get help from wordpress, no one to contact so I thought I would call GoDaddy. I called GoDaddy they said I needed a "hosting" site so I purchased a "hosting site with wordpress" thinking that was my issue. So they took me through some steps and now I have wordpress at but it isn't my "Able theme" I fixed up with the original wordpress. I want the "Able theme" or "Spectrum theme" from WordPress but with the "" domain name.

  5. The resolution. I talked with someone else at GoDaddy, they refunded my purchase for hosting and WP, because I was already getting it from WP. They then helped me redirect my WP by changing my domain servers in the GoDaddy settings.

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