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  1. I was searching through the suggested domain names for personal use and one says .blog. It then says $22 a year, but then as soon as I click on it it says $35. I was wondering if I could find out why or which one is accurate. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You need an upgraded plan to get a custom domain included so that will cost a minimum of $35.88 for the Personal plan.

  3. Even if it says $22/year on it? That's what it says. Then I click on it and am brought to the page where I put my information in and the price changes to the 35.88. Will I be charged both?

  4. Are you clicking on "Plans" or "Domains" ? Additional domains are $18 or $26 with private registration but you need to already have a domain. I must admit that I don't know what the $22 applies to so I have added modlook for staff to respond to you in due course.

  5. I was clicking "Domains". Basically what I was trying to do was take the ".wordpress" off. So I chose one of the suggested domains.

  6. Howdy -

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    Was the $22 price listed on

    You'll need a plan upgrade on your account in order to register a .blog domain.

    You can add the plan via and next click on My Sites > Domains > Add new.

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