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    Hi there. if i cancel my domain purchased via WP, will it be available for purchase again, immediately from another domain name vendor?

    The blog I need help with is



    No – and since your name has been in use for a while the odds that a domain squatter will get the name and hold it hostage are also great – you will loose use of the domain name for probably several weeks

    Why not just transfer the registration to another registrar if you want or just change the name servers to point to your new host? Then you don’t loose control of the domain name


    Does my content , blogs , posts get lost if domain transferred to self-hosting account. Is there any way to retain my Data ?



    Your content will stay on unless you delete it – most people export the content from here and import it to the new site when they change hosts – if you move the content you should set the old site to Private to keep search engines out and prevent duplicate content being on the internet


    Can you give me steps on how to export from free WordPress hosted and import it in selfhosted site ?



    1 week ago i have initiated teh transfer from WP to BH. Transfer is pending. It says ” (Waiting for Wild West Domains, Inc. to release domain) “. When contacted them to speedup process , they simply told the control is with WP. Please help me by giving info on when the loosing registar going to approve my domain transfer request ?.

    Because BH is ready to accept once WildWest release the domain. But whom to ask now WP or WildWest.



    @tandava108 – This whole process is done already. Just transfer is waiting to happen , who is gonna release the domain WP or WildWest ?. Can you able to find ?

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