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  1. Hello, I would like to add the domain in wordpress but not with a crash, showing the following error: DNS Master Server: Query refused Slave DNS Server 1: Query refused What should I do?
    Blog url:

  2. I added a zone record for:

    You should be able to map your domain name using these instructions:

  3. I made a mistake. I would like to add the domain espaç

  4. You have a non English character embedded in your domain name espaç that seems to be preventing a zone record from being added - would you please check the spelling?

    I also was not able to do a whois on your new domain name

  5. Also, please note that we cannot support the mapping of domains with international characters, like ç, at this time.

  6. Thanks James - was not sure what could or could not be done with the funny character

  7. You're welcome! We'd like to support international characters in the future, but it is definitely going to take some time before we can.

  8. I changed the domain and now is working. Thanks a lot.
    Now I'm having another problem, I'm using the theme Twenty Ten and I can not leave my entire post, it is summarized.
    It´s and I want like this
    Can anyone help me?

  9. Categories, tags and archives pages in twenty ten show an excerpt only. There is a workaround though as explained by Panos in note 3 here:

    The themes listed in the second column of my post on Excerpts [which includes twenty ten] can be made to display full posts in category/archive pages if you copy the whole content of each post from the html editor and paste it in the Excerpt box (except if the content includes shortcode objects [such as videos] ).

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