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    Hi, I am trying to find out what IP address(s) to point my domain’s A records to.

    The help said fill in a contact form on my account dashboard requesting the IP addresses, but I don’t know where that is.

    I have already parked the domain on the wordpress account, I just need the IP addresses. Thanks…

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    You will need to add two A-records with these IPs:

    These IPs can change over time, at which point your domain will stop working.

    Should that happen, please contact us again for the new IPs.



    Thanks, I have added those IP’s it is working now.

    But….having tested it on a few different PCs, there seems to be a redirect error happening with chrome reporting that the page is causing too many redirects. It looks like is redirecting to which is redirecting to

    The site is defaulted to not

    Can you offer any with this? The only domain we have mapped is and the provided wordpress one.



    Hi there,

    I can confirm that loads properly on my end.
    However, could you let me know if the www. record is as well properly pointed to ?

    Do you have access to the DNS zone file for ? mind sharing the zone with us? just to see if it’s properly configured?



    At your domain provider, did you add the A records on, or on

    Both A records should be added on the root domain, i.e. Also note that it can take up to 72 hours for those records to propagate before things will work properly, so perhaps you only need to give it a bit more time.



    Hi Team, Hi Kokkieh,

    Are the P addresses provided above ( and unique to or can they be generally used for redirecting my domain to my wordpress?

    Thanks in advance!




    I think they are good for any domain. I had a chat with their support team and those are the external IPs they give out.

    Also just to cover off the thread, the issues I had with too many redirects sorted itself out after a day or so, I guess it was a DNS propagation issue, although what exactly, I have no idea…


    borshee – those are the IPs you would use generally for As kokkieh mentioned though, these values change from time to time and when that happens your site will quit working until you contact us for the updated details. This is why we prefer that you map your site with name servers as that value is constant.


    easyreacheu – Thanks for posting the update here. We are always close by if you run in to any other trouble. Best wishes :)

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