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    I have just made my wordpress blog. Now, I need a domain to use it as a site. I am at Brazil, so I went to to buy a domain for me. They asked me for DNS and IP adresses. I gave WordPress names and numbers ( etc etc etc). Their system made a research and wordpress system refused to give the information they needed. Is that because I need to pay anything? Where do I do that, if I don’t have a domain yet?

    I hope someone understand and help me. Thanks!


    Yes you have to pay for domain mapping. This will be helpful



    Ok, dear Flower… but…
    Where do I pay for that?
    Because, when I go to the page you said, I need to inform the domain name, and I do not have it yet.
    (I can only have it if WordPress answer the research…)
    Am I clear? Am I doing anything wrong?



    Buying a domain shouldn’t have to rely on Wp in order for you to buy it. Unless you purchase a domain name through wordpress.

    You should be able to buy a domain, then change the name servers and/or ip numbers. Wait for DNS propagation Then go into options and domain names to purchase domain mapping. A good fact as thistimethisspace mentioned will explain it all.



    I would like to do it that way… but… brazilian rules says: “for the register of a domain take effect, at least two DNS servers conected to internet and already configured to the domain that is being requested are needed.”

    So, I need that Wp answer the RegistroBr request.
    For that, I need to pay Wp.
    I just need to know how to do it…



    Dashboard -> Upgrades -> Domains



    I’m also having huge difficulty with domain mapping. The process seems simple enough on the wordpress side, my difficult lies with my current provider.

    I have a domain registered. I’ve asked the provider to update the nameserver listing to the wordpress servers, what i get from them is this reply:


    I have chatted to our DNS department, and unfortunately, we are unable to use one of the IP addresses mentioned below, as they are IP addresses for Name Servers. We cannot change the Name Server details on your domain. If your new ISP is unable to give a single IP address for www records to be pointed to, the only alternative is to transfer the domain over to them.

    Please confirm with them if they do host domains and then we can start the domain transfer process. Please let me know as soon as you have had confirmation from them.

    Kind Regards”

    Can anyone please give me a solution. Will it be easier to transfer my domain, if so who should i have it transfered to? Note that i currently have my mx record manged by google apps – for email.



    i made my own site on my desktop and i wanted to change the pages in my WP blog but it doesn’t let. How do i get it from my desktop to my blog so i can use my own pages?



    crafthobbies, in future please don’t post completely unrelated issues to active threads. I’ll answer this time, but next time please do a search for the issue and if nobody has asked about it before, start a new thread.

    Short answer: you can’t do that at You have to work within the themes provided. If you know CSS you can buy the CSS upgrade and change the CSS to change the look of your blog, but if you don’t know how to use it, don’t buy it because it won’t help.

    Under no circumstances can you just make web pages somewhere else and stick them on your WordPress blog. This site just does not work that way.



    well i’m very sorry but i am learning and not sure where to post, thanks anyway :(



    You don’t know how to post crafthobbies? Go to the forums main page. On the bottom there should be places like Support, Questions, Off topic, etc. Click the one relevant to your question. Then go to the bottom and you can type the title and the question. You then tag it. Check the support box if it involves wordpress support or is a wordpress blog related question. from there you hope it gets answered.
    7 things to know about posting in forum.

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