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Domain as promised pointing to another website

  1. I created my blog in wordpress. I paid for a subscription upgrade and when I did it told me that I could now use "" as my url. When I type this in - it automatically changes to "" which is another website.

    What am I doing wrong?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It sounds like that URL already belongs to someone else, and they have mapped it to their website, which is not on What does it say on your dashboard Domains page?

  3. There are two parts to having your own domain mapping - Domain Registration and Domain Mapping - has been registered since 2004 - was that you?

    It sounds like you skipped the Domain Registration and went straight to Domain Mapping

    You will need to find a different custom domain name to register and get a refund on the domain mapping and do it over with your new name

  4. Thanks for your replies... no, I did not register but sometimes when I log onto WordPress it tells me that I am "one step away" from making it my domain. Truthfully, I'm okay with having the .wordpress. in the middle. I'm a newbie at blogging so, my expectations are minimal :)

    I really just thought that I was doing something wrong.

    So the folks that registered "TheInvincibleSummer" also registered "InvincibleSummer" - which is why one leads to the other?

  5. Oh no... now my blog - the original name - points to The Invicible Summer page.... how can I get this changed back?

  6. So - originally I created the blog Subsequently, I upgraded for whateverreason. Today, I logged on and it said "you are just one click away from having as your domain" - I clicked and selected that as my primary domain and I was logged onto another website. I have deleted that domain and reset as my primary... and yet it is still going to the other website.

    Currently on my dashboard it says... "a free domain was included in the purchast of your b undle. Get that domain for your site now!"

    Do you think it is possible that the system just hasn't caught up yet?

    If I type in I am still going to TheInvincibleSummer which is not my blog.

  7. So the folks that registered "TheInvincibleSummer" also registered "InvincibleSummer" - which is why one leads to the other?

    Yes - many times people register different versions of a name and send the different names to the same site - also helps to prevent copycat blogs sucking bad spelling traffic from a site - one radio show host has something like 4 or 5 versions of his domain name registered - the common spelling errors - loads fine for me

    You want to make sure you cancel the domain mapping or whatever you bought - that saves that option if you purchased a bundle or gets your money back if you just bought the domain mapping

    I will flag this for the staff to review your account to make sure you are not paying for something you are not using

    good luck with your new blog

  8. Already flagged by @RC - guess I should read the sidebar

  9. OK - went to another computer and it did load fine. I will clear my cookies and make sure that it is working for me.

    So... the final question is... if I want to use the domain as part of the bundle that I purchased... how do I make sure that it is not taken somewhere. Do I need to search it separately?

  10. Yes.

  11. Thank you so so much!

  12. Howdy!

    When you add a domain via Store->Domains, it'll alert you if you can register it or simply map it. If the domain you use is already purchased, it'll look like this, with the banner at the top:

    If the domain has not been registered by someone else, and you can use it for your site (without previously owning it), it'll look like this: (with more fields for your last name, etc).

    If you see the second one, you're good to go!


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