Domain B sends to Domain A, but I wanted B as a separate blog?

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    I have my main blog (A) and wanted to start another one (B). So, I went to the main page, clicked on “register another blog” and the screen loaded up nicely.

    When I tried to enter the new Blog Domain name and clicked “create blog” and error came up saying the blog already existed. So, I decided to go see what was on that site and went upto my address bar and typed and the page that loaded was my original blog (

    So, apparently, I have dibs on the site but how do I get to it? I’d like to use it as a blog, not as a link to my original site. (I can’t even find in all my settings where this is linked to my account).

    Any ideas?



    Could you paste the URLS in question in here, starting with http?

    What might have happened is, might be a private blog; that will throw you to your Dashboard if you try to go to one.

    #223250 (Domain A) (Domain B)

    So, someone is probably using domain b privately?

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