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Domain cancellation and refund

  1. pennywisedulhan


    I bought the above domain on April 15 and requested a cancellation and refund today. The "cancel domain" and "cancel upgrade" options are not working for me in the store. How can I cancel it?



    The blog I need help with is

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    related link >

  3. I can cancel for you, but please note that I can't guarantee you'll be able to re-register the domain later.

    Would you like me to proceed, and would you like me to refund the whole value bundle?

    Please confirm before the end of the day today and the refund period is only 48 hours.

  4. I would also like to cancel my accounts and cannot figure out to do it. Your customer service is a joke. I just spent an hour trying to figure out how to contact support.

  5. @talentsmart
    You can cancel upgrades from your dashboard > Store > My Upgrades page >

  6. No I cannot as those options are not listed there. Can you cancel my upgrades for me?

    I also have another account that was suspended for violating the terms of service and I can no longer log in to the system for that account. Hence, I cannot cancel my upgrade for that account either.

  7. You will have to wait for Staff to get to this thread and assist you.

  8. talentsmart, there are no upgrades under your talentsmart account, that's why you can't cancel anything.

    You need to be logged in as the user who owns the upgrade in order to cancel it.

    If that is the account you can't access, please tell us the domain that you're trying to cancel.

  9. (also under domain is what it says is no longer available. This is the domain I'm trying to cancel.

  10. - seems to have been registered about a month ago - so it is outside the 48 hour cancellation period and can't be canceled

  11. You shut the account down for violation of terms of service. Right now I'm scheduled for a $99 annual subscription on an account that I cannot use or access. If your terms of service are such that you can shut an account down without providing a refund, so be it, but I need to know how I can cancel my subscription so that I am not charged again in a 11 months.

    Since I cannot login to the dashboard for the account (since it no longer exists in your system!) I don't know how to do this.

    BTW, on a completely different note, just the fact that I have to air my grievances publicly like this to get any customer support is unprecedented and reason enough that I'll never register another blog through WordPress.

  12. This thread has been flagged for Staff attention.

  13. Since you have a paid upgrade you can contact the staff directly about it:

  14. I don't see anywhere in that link where I can contact support. It's a forum just like this one except there are not text fields.

  15. The domain is definitely past the refund period, but I can offer two options.

    1. The best option, I can send you the log in information for the domain panel via email. This will allow you to fully manage the domain, change nameservers to point elsewhere, transfer to another registrar, etc.

    2. The easiest option, but obviously not the best, I can cancel the domain. If you do this, I cannot provide a refund and guarantee that you'll ever be able to re-register it.

    In either case, I have disabled auto-renew as requested.

    Please let me know how you'd like to proceed!

  16. I've also realized that these were Value Bundles. While the domain portions have passed their 48-hour refund window, the rest of the bundles have not.

    So, I have cancelled and issued a refund for the bundle minus the domain, $73 each.

    Please let me know how you'd like to proceed with the domain above.

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