Domain Change I did on General Settings – How can I revert a mistake?

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    Dear friends,

    Need your help here.

    Instead of I was trying the give an option to our readers to type So, I went to WordPress Menu > General Options these days to include the www before the domain.

    Yes, I did that mistake! Now I should change it in the Cname record and NOT in the WordPress Admin. look at the picture attached:

    The question is:
    – There is a way that I can revert the mistake I did by changing some files from the FTP?


    – I host with a Godaddy. how can I change the Cname to include the instead just Notice that I have the www. but it just serve our and it do not have changed the, that’s the why I changed it before..

    Well, If someone could help me I will be very, very, very happy.

    Thank you


    (I know the basics but in this case the Godaddy support just copy/paste the texts that are already in the FAQ)



    First of all, we need the actual, fundamental URL of your blog. All your talk about Godaddy makes me think it’s not hosted here at all. This forum can ONLY provide help for people hosted here at; it’s a special variation of the WP software. For all other WP blogs, you need to be at WordPress.ORG instead.


    Member is my blog. I was trying to do workout. If I can manage it from the FTP, changing some files/codes/ I don’t know… would be great as well…



    Well, that IS a WordPress.ORG site, so you should find the help you need over there.



    OK. thks

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