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    Hi everybody.
    I was using the Blog/Site Address Change feature. Accidentally i created a new blog with the desired domain name. Then i found out how to actually CHANGE the address and change the unused blog addres to something i won’t use, and tried changing the active blog to the same address i accidentally created. (wow, that was hard to explain).
    Now i get the message “Sorry, that site already exists!”. But that address was actually used for only 5 minutes. Is it normal and takes a little time to refresh the database, so then i can use that address, or i made it unuseful for ever?
    Maybe a really stupid question, but thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    Even harder this late for me to try and sort thing out – the Change address is a new feature and I have not done one yet – but I did review the instructions: there is a “discard old address” option – if you chose that option then your old good name is gone as WordPress.COM does not reuse deleted names.



    Thanks mate, i tried that but no luck, still the same “Sorry, that site already exists!”
    I’ll wait one or two days and see if this still happens. Thank you.



    What have you done with the address you accidentally created? If you deleted it then its gone for ever. If you still have it you can move your wordpress,com blog the old-fissioned way. This is described on:

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