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    I have attempted to find the answer myself but I have not found the specifics I am looking for. I own, I was wanting to add this domain to my blog and take the out of its title. I have links to my blog from other sites and get a lot of traffic from people typing in the url.

    Anyways my main question is if I add that domain, will the old links from peoples sites still work? If someone types in will it automatically take them to the new domain

    Thank you to anyone that can help.

    The blog I need help with is



    Domain Mapping upgrade allows you to automatically re-direct your traffic from to You existing visitor will not see that differenence.

    for more information see this support document


    Thanks for the fast response. I will give it my best shot, I didnt fully understand that support document, but i will attempt it and see what happens. I was just worried I would lose that traffic if I dropped the out of the url.



    When I bought the upgrade for my blog, I did not lose any visitors. You will not see the difference after the upgrade.

    p.s. Google will take some time to re-index with your new blog name.


    Thank you, I got it done and it is working fine. No change in the old links.

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