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Domain Cost

  1. It says I need to buy 15 credits. How much money is that? Also, will it renew every year for the same price?

  2. One credit is one dollar US and you will get a notification by email before it is time to renew. As far as prices, that is up to wordpress staff to set and decide when there will be price increases In the nearly 2 years I've been here, they haven't had an increase that I know of.

  3. Be aware, though, that if your local currency changes relative to the US dollar that will change the price you pay.

  4. Okay thank you very much. :) So $15 is not much for a domain. :)

  5. For $15. you are getting both a domain and domain mapping.

  6. That's cool. So, if I want, I can transfer my domain elsewhere to say a new host if I ever do?

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