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    hi wordpress

    I own the domain “” at webhotel “”.
    my nameservers are at “”

    Since i Bought a theme at, I cannot host the blog at!! -if I understand correct.

    Therefor I want when a user enters url “” to get to my wordpress at, but keep the url “” and not change to the existing “” adress in the browser-adress-field!

    When I change nameserver at “” I recieve this error :
    Error: answer from primary nameserver: “”
    Query refused [,NS,IN].
    The name server says it refuses to give us an answer.

    Do I need to ask you to: add a “Zone Record” ??!

    Or am I doing something else wrong?

    hope you can assist

    best regards

    Peter Kristensen
    Blog url:



    Premium Themes are customized for usage only, and cannot be transferred to self-hosted sites.

    I added a new DNS Zone record for your domain. This change may take a little while to be fully effective. Could you give it some time then try updating the name servers again? After that you can purchase the Domain Mapping upgrade to map the domain to your

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