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    The domain mapping for was working fine, but now it is no longer working for It works for the site without the www.

    Our problematic domain registrar now says that we need to add an A Record for but I cannot seem to do so through the Edit Domain panel.

    I’ve poured through the forum and support docs to no avail.

    Suggestions? Help?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there!

    For some reason there was an MX record for the www subdomain. I’ve removed this so your domain with the www preface should start working correctly shortly.

    Your email server settings look a little strange. Can you tell me who your email host is and what DNS settings they ask you to set up for your email addresses to work correctly?



    Thank you. My client has been going bonkers over all the problems associated with the nameserver changes, and the list is long. This is the latest.

    The email works. Please don’t touch them. We spent 7 days trying to fix those as the domain registrar’s automatic system messed them up. They may be strange but email now works. The MX record for the www domain was INSISTED upon (with much argument by me) by the registrar. I thought that might be the issue, but after 7 days of the client panicking without email, since we had email, I thought I’d trust the registrar to know how the system worked. Again, they’ve led us astray if this is the issue. Thank you!

    Hopefully the www issue is the last of the registrar nightmares we’ll have to go through. I wish did domain transfers. Life would be so much easier.

    And thank you for the admonishment to not duplicate posts. I’ve written those words myself thousands of times. As one of the founders of the WordPress Support Forums, I figured I was owned one. :D



    If your email has stopped working, definitely add the www MX record back. However, doing this will mean that will not work as expected in a browser.

    Usually an MX record would be setup for So its very strange that your registrar requires a www MX record.

    Let me know if I can help with anything else!

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