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    My domain expired and I want to get it back. How do I do it??

    The blog I need help with is



    Depending on the time frame you might need staff help. I have flagged this for the staff to help you

    You also need to be logged in with the EXACT account that owns an upgrade to renew it


    Thanks, it has been about 5 weeks, and I thought I was logged in. I see it up in the lefthand corner of this page.



    Not logged is with the proper account is a common error, which is why I ask

    5 weeks is staff help range



    The domain has been fully expired.

    You can go to Store > Domains on your blog’s dashboard and follow the steps there to register a new domain.

    Please take a look at the following guide before going through the process.

    Let us know if you need any help.


    I can register a new domain, but HOW CAN I RETRIEVE THE PAST BLOG???? Please tell me it is not gone forever



    Your blog is still available at and you can manage it at


    When I got to register a new domain, it tells me that for the address, it is already taken. How do I bypass or change that?



    The domain has been expired and registered by someone else. You might want to register a .net .org or .me domain instead.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

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