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domain expired

  1. visa card saya habis trus domain wordpress exp tuk perpanjang bisa gak pakai rupiah?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Oh no! This domain expired 17 days ago! This thread is tagged for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting. While waiting you can read this:

  3. Your domain expired on 2013-09-05. Before it expired, we sent email warnings and displayed notifications on your dashboard.

    Domain expiration is a lengthy and complicated process that takes about 80 days. During this time, your domain may be put up for auction or sold on back-order. You can learn more about expired domains here:

    The good news is that you can still recover your domain, as it has not yet been deleted or purchased by someone else. A late renewal fee of $80 will be added to the regular price of renewal.

    You can renew this domain here:

  4. Before it expired, we sent email warnings and displayed notifications on your dashboard.

    Not always correct - see ticket below - they seem to have finally fixed the email notification - a few days ago as I did finally receive a notice - but no word back from WordPress.COM indicating anything was really fixed - and the test I ran took 60 days or longer -

  5. We certainly should have sent notifications starting 90 days out with additional emails closer to the expiration date. Failing that, there would have also been a Dashboard notice and an overlay on the site as well.

  6. @jackiedana - don't want to get into a public argument - I turned in a ticket on that - no notices were sent and no notice on the Dashboard - I spent 60 days testing this (two sites with upgrades) and sorry - there were NO notices to me of any type until the upgrade that was on Auto failed - then I got a failed notice -

    I turned in a ticket on it - and it was referred to the store group - and that was the last I heard - BUT they seem to have fixed at least some of it, since I finally got a 14 day notice of domain mapping expiring on a second site and a few days later I could see the notice in the dashboard -

    And no - nobody bothered to tell me it was fixed or to say thanks - how many of your engineers and programmers would spend 60 days testing something??

    So I think that many of the problems with "no notice was sent" were the truth and many people were charged extra for domain renewal or had their site down for several days while they worked on fixing an upgrade that they did not know expired - and yes - we should all keep track of when things are due, but many times people forget, or I will pay it with the rest of the bills on Sat. morning.

  7. Interesting because I just got a 60 day warning for mine and have always received these for my domain mapping renewals.

  8. Two sites - two different user names, the only early notice was 14 days to expire on one and auto renew failed on the site mapped to my name - NO 60 day notice - and please don't tell me to check the spam filter - no WordPress.COM email has ever went to spam and I check the spam filter anyway - all on my PC - nothing hidden on a server -

  9. PS - the 14 day notice was AFTER I filed the ticket on the no notification

  10. @auxclass, I saw your report, which was definitely appreciated. Not too many people would take the time to investigate this on their own and report it to us with details.

    To be honest, I do not have an answer for you yet, but I have updated our team with your additional feedback. If you wish to report more findings, it would be best to do so in your own thread so we can keep all of the relevant information in one place.

  11. The old thread was closed - other than I finally got a notice is about it - I have two other suggestions in Ideas - one having to do with renewal notices -

    I did fill out the feedback web form link they sent me explaining that I was not impressed with their follow up - don't know if the web form keeps the identity or not (did not look like it) so I put a link to the original thread so there would be no confusion

    Somebody found and fixed something - then they just moved on to more fun things other than sending a note to the person that turned in the bug report

    I used to do industrial software - lots of bug fixes - I got the crap that other people could not fix - some systems had bugs that had been in the systems for 10 or 15 years - I ALWAYS went back to the person that turned in the report and let them know it was fixed and to personally face to face say thanks for the report -

    As a side note - if I made a mistake people could be killed or injured - moving large equipment around with computers is a different game - usually formal testing was required of code - but I was the only programmer I am aware of that was allowed to sign off my own code in one company with a very formal process - as my boss said - something about my testing my own code to a higher standard than their testing group - so been testing and changing stuff for many years -

  12. i cant renew my blog because i dont have visa card befor i bough with vanila visa but now i am from indonesia i dont have any visa card i have just atm teh currency is Rp..(rupiah) so i just back to wordpress again
    thanks for all support and comments
    best regard

  13. @ehkangagus - sorry - I keep hoping that WordPress will figure out some way to let people like you pay for the upgrades - their risk is low if you are a scam - but just seems there should be a better way -

    Timethief has a nice summery of payment options - maybe she will stop by and leave that info for you - might be a way that would work for you

    good luck with your blog

  14. uses PayPal to process all of our payments. Currently we are limited to accepting payment only from approved credit card issuers and countries they support for direct payment:

  15. averagesouthafrican

    Hi Guys

    Please can you help. My site domain expired a while back and has been bought by someone else. I still see my blog in my list of blogs on the dashboard but obviously can not access it. All I want is to retrieve my posts from my old blog is that possible. Blog I am referring to is


  16. @averagesouthafrican, it looks like was not hosted on and as such, we will not be able to assist you in regaining access to the site. You should contact your own hosting provider for assistance.

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