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Domain expired

  1. My Domain expired a few days ago - what can I do? I tried to renew and its says sorry this domain is taken. Someone already took my name?? or... you're holding it for me?
    Blog url:

  2. was transferred away from us a long time ago.

    You'll need to contact the current registrar regarding the renewal.

  3. Hi

    Sorry to jump in here with my own similar query. It's also my second post as I'm desperate for help on this issue. Sorry.

    My paid WordPress domain expired 28 days ago. And I'd like to recover and get it back life, please.

    My blog is:

    Many thanks and hope you can help.


  4. Please stop hopping from thread to thread and pasting the same thing. The first thread you posted to has been flagged for Staff attention. Bumping many threads is not goiing to get you help form Staff any more quickly, and it's not fair to others to have you bumping multiple threads on the same issue above their threads.

  5. Apologies. My bad.

    Thank you for your help on this.


  6. You're forgiven. :) You can return to this thread which is flagged for Staff attention, knowing that it's the weekend and we Volunteers do not know when Staff will respond to you.

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