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Domain expired and i want to renew

  1. Hi,
    my domain inspired and i want to renew please. The wordpress system is saying to enter in contact with support to renew, but the support is disable. Can you solve this to me? I want to pay with paypal.
    Thank you very much.
    Best Regards,
    José Maria

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I've flagged this for Staff attention. Please be patient while they get back to you.

  3. That particular domain expired on January 4.

    I have just sent an email to the email address on your account with instructions to renew this domain.

  4. Hello, My domain name also expired and the same thing happened I was told to contact support. I have done no reply. It was I need it quite urgently as I have business cards. If you can help that would be great.

  5. My domain name expired and I want to renew when will I be able to renew. It states that support is closed and will be operational on 3/6/12. Can I renew sooner or do I have to wait?

  6. This thread has bee flagged for Staff atention. What Staff need to know is:
    1. the underlying sub-domain blog URL you were domain mapping from
    2. the URL for the domain your were mapping to

    P.S. Do understand that if you fail to renew any domain name prior to the expiration date you do not own it any more. The registrar you purchased it from owns the domain name.

  7. @emichelledouglas you are in the wrong forum as the site you linked to is not hosted here. Please contact your webhosting service or domain registrar.

    @timeoreternity- Did try renewing through your Dashboard>Store>Domains?

  8. @timethief Whom do I forward this information to? Thanks

  9. @timeoreternity- Did try renewing through your Dashboard > Store >Domains?

  10. @emichelledouglas - you domain name is registered with Wild West (WordPress) and seems to have been renewed recently through 2013 and is pointing to a site not hosted on WordPress.COM -

    Is the site the domain name is pointing to yours?

  11. @timethief Yes. I tried to renewing through my Dashboard and it directed me to Support. About two months ago, I paid for something that I thought was a domain renewal. So now, I don't know if I can renew it considering that is has been expired since 1/22/12. I don't know who the registrar was. I recall registering it through

  12. About two months ago, I paid for something that I thought was a domain renewal.

    It does not look like the domain was renewed - did you pay for Domain Mapping instead? That would have been $ 12-- You need both domain mapping and domain registration.

  13. @timeoreternity
    Thanks for the additonal information. I am flagging this thread for staff help again. What Staff need to know and what you need to post here into this thread is:
    1. the underlying sub-domain blog URL you were domain mapping from
    2. the URL for the domain your were mapping to

  14. @timethief
    URL mapping to

  15. Thanks for posting those and please be patient while waiting for Staff to respond.

  16. @timethief Thank-You for your promptness!

  17. @timeoreternity: I sent an email to your address to follow up about the status of your domain.

  18. Jenia, can i jump on this bandwagon too?

    I tried to renew my domain ( and for a few weeks, my link only directed me to the support pages. Then today, i checked, and i was able to renew with WP credits and it shows current thru Jan 2014. But my site isn't normal.

    So, 2 questions- if I didn't renew w/WP, where did the renew link take me?
    and if I did renew, how do I get my site back to the way it's supposed to look?


  19. @geekgirl415 - A whois on your domain shows it renewed through Jan 24, 2013 and the name servers are not pointing to WordPress.COM.

    I have flagged this thread for the staff - I would leave a link to the whois but the last time I did my comments were sent to spam so they were not seen by the people with the problem.

  20. Thanks Auxclass. Just out of curiousity, how does it happen that the name servers stop pointing to the right direction? Has my account been hacked? Or is because it expired and settings reset? I am clueless about the DNS and have this error message at the top of my Edit DNS screen :

    "Your nameservers need to be set to NS1.WORDPRESS.COM and NS2.WORDPRESS.COM for these DNS records to work. If you have already updated the nameservers you can ignore this message; it will stop appearing soon."

    I managed to get my email for my domain working via Google years ago, but I'm not sure what to do to fix this and the support articles seem to be written with the assumption you know what your DNS/name server looks like ;)

    Thanks again, denise;)

  21. I doubt your account has been hacked.

    My best estimate is that your domain name expired and someone else has registered it. Domain Mapping and Domain Registration are two different (but they are related) charges and need to be renewed separately.

    The Staff can look at more information than I can and should be able to tell you what happened.

  22. I haven't heard anything from WP staff about the problem (but my domain email connected w/the expired domain isn't working). Any suggestions? I see my domain got snagged by someone. I guess I don't really care about the old domain because I was going to change my blog anyway, but does this mean my posts are lost forever?

    Also, I'm not sure what my DNS name server format should be to get my email back... any advice?
    Thanks in advance- d;)

  23. Your content should be safe and hidden under your original blog name - you should be able to set the Primary domain back to your base blog

    Dashboard >> Store >> Domains >> change the Primary back to your blog.

    then your friends should be able to see your content - your email however goes with the domain name so that is gone unless you can get the domain name back from the squatter.

    If you ever hear back from the Staff you can also ask them to remove the Domain Mapping so your original URL will display.

  24. Would you like me to remove from your account?

  25. If the email was NOT [something] then it should still be safe, wherever you had the email. But if you did have it at that domain you previously owned, then the new owner of the domain can receive email addressed that way.

    Yes, undo the domain mapping as auxclass suggests to re-open the original blog. The posts should be there. Then maybe you could register and go with that. Or whatever suits your new blogging direction.

  26. Many hello's from the UK!

    I bought (and automatically renewed in Feb) my domain name ( through, my wordpress domain mapping expired so i renewed it via paypal $12). Do you know what the next steps are? Have shot contact an email but no response. Cheers!


  27. If you have renewed it and recieved the receipt, that's all you have to do.

  28. @sfsocial - it looks like your domain name renewal worked fine but something went wrong with the domain mapping - the staff will need to look at your account / blog to see what happened - I have flagged this also for staff attention.

    The name servers are set correctly.

  29. sfsocial, it looks like you might have renewed too late, so no subscription record was created.

    I have refunded the renewal you paid. Please try adding the domain again via Store -> Domains in your blog's Dashboard.

  30. Very kind of you macmanx. Silly question though; do I have to pay the $12 again to map it?

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