Domain Expired and Renewal

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    I have a problem. I didn’t renewed my blog because I don’t have the total amount for the renewal, so now they are charging me with a late fee renewal of 80USD plus the amount for the renewal. Can this be overrided if I decide to buy the premium bundle for 99USD a year?

    The blog I need help with is



    No. When you fail to renew any domain name prior to it expiring you no longer own it. It is owned by the registrar you bought it from. they can charge as high a redemption fee and they want to charge. They can auction the domain name off to any domain name squatter they want to. In other words they can do whatever they want with their domain because you do not own it any more. And, cannot waive that fee because they do not set the fee. Read this please I’ll tag this thread for a Staff follow-up. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.



    Exactly so if I no longer own the domain then I can buy it again but not renew it with the 99USD upgrade special? So I dont have to pay the renewal fee and purchase the domain again? It makes sense I guess…



    Hello there Roman,

    I’m afraid that that’s not how the Premium upgrade works. When a domain has entered the Redemption period, a separate renewal fee of $80 has to be paid to restore it back to your account.

    On the other hand, the Premium upgrade only gives you, among others, the custom domain upgrade which unfortunately won’t automatically renew your expired domain if purchased.

    To facilitate your domain renewal, I went ahead and created a payment request here:

    Total amount is $98, which includes $18 for domain registration and the $80 redemption fee.

    Once that’s paid, I can work on restoring the domain for you.

    Thank you!



    I need to reinstate my Domain name as it has expired. HELP!!
    G. Ludorf-Weaver



    Hello there @scpresident!

    I went ahead and renewed the domain mapping upgrade for you since it came with the Premium bundle you recently purchased. Let me know if that works. Thanks!

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