Domain expired – How to get my url back?

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    I have registered a domainname through wordpress for one year. That period has now expired and that’s fine, I do not want it back. What I do want, is to see my blog online again! If I go to the url, it keeps referring me to the (now non-existent) url.

    I already changed my primary domain back to my in store – domains. What else should I do to fix this?

    The blog I need help with is



    If you’re talking about the site at, that site is now working properly at the address again.

    If you do not see it, please try clearing your browser cache or restarting your browser:


    Hello @jackiedana,

    I’m having the exact same problem with, is there a way to fix it?

    Thank you.



    @aimonealessandro, the site was deleted three years ago. You are welcome to start a new blog, but you will not be able to reuse that address.



    Hello @jackiedana,
    I am also in the same boat as my domain expired in April 2013. ( – which was formerly I am hoping to just get access back to my blog as it was, buy the custom domain and buy hosting again via wordpress but am not sure how to go about it. If you could let me know that would amazing!

    thank you



    @gracemarquez, your site should be working properly now at You can access your site’s Dashboard at any time at




    I was really busy that i couldn’t renew my account and now when i did my blog is gone it says hello world and all my posts are gone!!!!
    please please help me to have my site back!!!



    An expired domain will NOT affect the number of posts that show on your blog, provided you’re talking about the correct blog. You are not. was created a few minutes ago. It never existed before. has existed since 2009 but has never had any posts on it.

    [redacted] is now owned by Adult Friend Finder, and you can’t get it back. Wherever your blog was hosted before it presumably still exists (if you paid for hosting). They will have the database and folders,b ut you will have to go to WordPress.ORG for help with that.



    I don’t understand I just repaid for the domain now that i see the receipt it is for how is this possible i’m so confused and when i log in to [redacted] there’s all my past posts since 2009 and a new post by someone I don’t KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m FRUSTRATED seriously I don’t understand this!!!!!!!!!! :”((((

    I had both memeqatar and angedelamour created at the same date on 2009!!! and when I go to my blog on wordpress on dashboard all my posts are there and comments but I can’t excess it!!!



    this is how my blog looks like

    in dashboard everything is there!! I don’t understand any of this PLEASE HELP ME



    For me, as of right now redirects to (screenshot), which is a self-hosted WordPress install. To log in to your self-hosted site, you would go to

    According to a Whois registry, the domain is owned by Ange Delamour and appears to have been registered through Wild West Domains in November 2011.

    As Rain pointed out, the post links on that .me domain redirect to a mature content website, so I’ve tagged this for Staff to remove the link here in these forums and on your username.

    If you need help for your self-hosted WordPress site, head over to We won’t be able to help you here. For clarity read

    If you need to disconnect your site from being redirected, please visit your domain dashboard and set the site as primary. See this



    Hi Mariam – Your domain expired 47 days ago, and has unfortunately been purchased by someone else at auction. I’ve refunded the $105 redemption fee that you’d paid. Your site is now available at its original URL here:

    That is your site, but it looks like you previously had a WordPress site hosted with Bluehost. You will need to contact Bluehost and tell them that your domain expired and you’re trying to locate your site – the content should still be there.

    Is the content now appearing at your old domain your content? If so, it has been scraped. That site is hosted by OVH and you will need to contact them and submit what’s called a DMCA complaint for your content:

    You can see an example of how to complete a DMCA takedown complaint here:

    Do not submit the form there, as the content is not hosted here with us, but that will provide you with a template for how to submit a complaint to OVH.

    Let me know if you have further questions about this — I’m sorry this happened. :(



    @eurello-thanks for removing the active link to the mature site in rain’s and Mariam’s post. Is it possible to remove from the username as well? TIA.



    Hi Jennifer, I checked the site linked to memeqatar’s username, and I didn’t see any mature content. I checked the post links and they worked as expected (not redirecting), so I’ve left the link in the username. If I missed something there, please let me know!



    @rachelmcr-Thanks for looking and confirming. Now the OP only needs to change the link in her username so that it points to her site instead of someone else’s. :)



    Hello, engineers. Help!
    I’m a little bit afraid of losing my domain but dont know what to do.
    The point is: my domain expired 39 days ago, and i want to renew it today but I saw that it costs R$98 – $18 + $80 of redemption), and i wanted to upgrade to the PREMIUM instead, that cotst $99.
    What should I do? If I buy the Premium my domain will be renew automatic?



    Hi annabeatrip,

    Buying the Premium upgrade will not renew your domain name. You will need to click the “Renew Now” button on your My Upgrades page to renew the domain name. I recommend doing that as soon as possible to make sure you don’t lose your domain.

    You can learn more about how domain expiration works here: Domain Expiration

    If you have any questions about that, please start a new forum thread so we can track your support request separately. Thanks!



    Thanks @rachelmcr. Already did it named ‘Domain and upgrades’.



    I did not renew my domain name in time and had to purchase another domain name. Is it possible to redirect my premium webpress site to this new domain name?



    How can I reach out to someone to renew an expired domain? I’ve looked through all of the FAQ/answers and it seems to only way to retrieve something in redemption is by paying the fee but requires getting a staff member to resolve the case.

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