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Domain expired, Now I need it back

  1. I have a self-hosted prophoto blog site where the url '' is through ziphosting, but my '' domain expired a couple of days ago and now my site pages aren't showing online (the homepage is still there).

    When I try to renew the name through wordpress, it tells me that '' is no longer available - the authors have deleted this site'.
    From what I've read, I should be able to get it back because it's still in the grace period, but I can't find any options to get it. Where do I go to do this?

    Any help is much appreciated!

  2. is not a custom domain, so no, it's not in any grace period. What you want is to buy the custom domain from somewhere. Presumably you can buy it from anyone, but if you want to buy it from, just register a domain, buy it from that dashboard, and point it at your self-hosted blog.

  3. Thanks for the speedy reply raincoaster,

    I already own the domain and it's still active but it seems to be the wordpress domain that's expired (and stopping the link to work).

    I received this email from wordpress a few days ago:

    'This upgrade replaces your site "" with the custom domain "". Without this upgrade, your site will no longer be available at "".

    The domain registration is set to expire on 2013-02-12. Please make sure you renew it with your registrar with before it expires, or you may lose your domain."

  4. Actually, the link works perfectly for me, and URLs never expire if you don't delete them. Nonetheless, I have flagged this for staff attention and they can get you sorted.

  5. Do you have a site redirect or old domain mapping on to send traffic to your web site? That could be expiring

  6. Raincoaster, the link works to the homepage, but when I try to click any of the links from the homepage, it goes to an error '404 page not found'.

    auxclass, I do have sending traffic to my prophotoblogs web site, but I can't find out where to adjust those wordpress details to stop it expiring (or renew it).

  7. Try: Dashboard >> Store >> My Upgrades >> should be all the Upgrades you have

    Dashboard >> Store >> Billing History >> what you paid for the last few years

    Note: You need to be logged in as the account that owns an upgrade to renew it

  8. This is what's confusing me as well. I've been reading about doing the upgrades from the store, but I don't have a store option or a billing history in my dashboard.

    Under my dashboard, I only have the following headers:
    - Home
    - Updates (which only shows my version of wordpress, plugins and themes)
    - Akismet stats.

    I have a ProPhoto 4 template which runs through my wordpress. This could be why my dashboard is different?

  9. - Updates (which only shows my version of wordpress, plugins and themes)

    That is your WordPress.ORG install on your web site not at WordPress.COM -

    You need to be in your account here - but I can't figure out how to get to where your Upgrades are for your deleted blog - this was flagged earlier for the staff to help - you will need to wait for the staff - on the plus side we now have more info for the staff so they should be able to help quicker when they get here

  10. Ahhhh ok. Thanks so much for your help anyway.
    Hopefully the staff will be along soon.
    Thanks again!

  11. You be welcome & good luck

  12. Thanks very much for everyone's help! It ended up being an error with my permalinks corrupting the links.
    Thanks again.

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