Domain Expired – You blackmailing me? 98$

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    I just saw my blog wasn’t working since the domain seems to have expired. I entered wordpress and I see that to renew it I have to pay 98$ which is more than outrageous. What is this? Like a blackmail or sometghing? I am not even sure what the situation is since you don’t put it very clear: Is the domain expired or is the “domain forwarding to wordpress/wordpress masking the blog with the domain” expired?

    Please get in contact with me ASAP as this is my home page and it’s very important to me. I am very upset with this action from WordPress.


    Marc Sanz Lopez
    (email redacted)
    (email redacted)


    Also, I am pretty sure I had auto-renew turned on. There must have been a problem with the auto-renewal that I was unaware of.



    Your domain expired on March 5 and could not be auto-renewed because the credit card on file expired many months prior to the renewal date. Before it expired, we sent email warnings and displayed notifications on your dashboard.

    Domain expiration is a lengthy and complicated process that takes about 80 days. During this time, your domain may be put up for auction or sold on back-order. You can learn more about expired domains here:

    The good news is that you can still recover your domain, as it has not yet been deleted or purchased by someone else. A late renewal fee of $80 will be added to the regular price of renewal.

    You can renew this domain and manage all your other upgrades under Store > My Upgrades in your dashboard.


    Well Macmanx,

    This is still blackmail since if it wasn’t renewed it could’ve been left free and I would’ve purchased again for 10$.

    Also, I don’t even remember having bought the domain with WordPress, only the mapping of the blog, so not sure what Wp’s dirty business here is but makes me lose a lot of trust.

    Problem is I don’t have that amount of money with me at the moment… Not happy with WordPress, definitely not.

    Will share to people that have blogs since WordPress “misses” to say that they will try and get 100$ from you if you forget to renew your domain with them.

    Thanks for your response though.




    When a domain expires, it becomes the property of the registrar and is returned to the public market at their discretion.

    It’s not blackmail, it’s just how the industry (by that I mean every domain registrar) operates, and we have no control over that.


    1. That everyone does it doesn’t mean it’s not blackmail.

    2. I have bought A LOT of domains before and no one before asked me for 100$ to renew it even when expired. I am recommending everyone not to deal with wordpress for this reason, which is a pity since I’ve recommended it for years until now.


    Also, tried to recover it and it just points me to support… What are the steps to execute this robbery?



    I have contacted you via email with further instructions.

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