Domain expiring but set to NEVER EXPIRES…huh?

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    I got a call from WordPress saying that my domain name is set to expire but when I went to the dashboard it’s set to NEVER EXPIRE and I could not find any help whatsoever as to how to renew it. Please help.

    The blog I need help with is



    “got a call” as in a phone call? Strange since WordPress.COM does not have phone support.

    Do you have any upgrades?

    If you have any upgrades you will get an email asking you to renew them starting 60 days before the upgrade expires ( if there is a problem with an upgrade this gives time to correct any problems)

    Sounds like you might have been the target of a scam – all renewals are also handled from the Dashboard >> Store of your blog

    Your base blog never expires since it is free and good forever.

    I will flag this for the staff to review your account just in case



    Thanks. I went to the dashboard and saw that my base domain is free. The domain is I thought maybe it was under a different host so I called the only one I use and it’s not registered there. Bizarre! Thanks for you help.


    Member – is registered through WordPress.COM and domain helper says it might be expiring. So you need to check and make sure the domain name is renewed

    It looks like you have at least two blogs, do you have a second account that you might have bought the Domain name and the Domain Mapping with?

    Primary Blog is Set is set as the primary domain for and will appear in the address bar when you visit the site.



    Hi Cliff, expired 3 days ago. It is not connected to the account that you are posting from. So it would appear that you have a second account. You will need to log into that account to renew the domain.

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