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Domain features I got after purchasing through Word Press

  1. Hi,

    I am new to Word Press,I need some help

    I want to buy domain for my blog through Word Press options, so would I get complete features as buy from Go Daddy or not ?

    and the ownership of my domain would be in my control or not ? means can I get godaddy CP to use my domain for future.

    Would I get my domain email IDs ?

    Thanks in advance.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. No.

    When you buy the domain upgrade, you get a custom domain, period. You don't get a Cpanel or anything else.

  3. Ok , Thanks for your response but If I go to Settings > Domains option
    and choose my domain for my blog and after entering all fields when I get me domain for blog, then what features I would get other than Custom domain?


  4. No. You are paying for and domain name and domain mapping for one blog and for one year and that's what you get.
    See here >
    Important Notes Before Upgrading

  5. Ok

    Then would I get domain emails ? like [email redacted]

    and can I set sub domain for my domain after purchasing ?

    I am sorry if it would be stupid question but I am newbie :(
    so asking these questions.

    Any help would be appreciated alot.


  6. does not provide email service for domains. See here >

    Sub-domains >

  7. Hi timethief,

    Thanks for your time, Ok I understand that after purchasing domain I would be able to create email addresses for my domain with Google Applications ? Right ?

    I read the complete tutorial you mentioned in your last reply, so can I be able to create email addresses with Google Applications free of cost ? because I would paid for domain and Google application would be free of cost after purchasing domain ?


  8. Yes.

  9. Yes

  10. Awwww, Thank you very much to all for your help.

    Keep Care


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