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Domain forwarding

  1. I have a self hosted wordpress site, with a domain that was purchased through wordpress. It was working, then randomly pointed itself to a "parking server" and now just spins on "connecting" until it times out. The strange thing is the a record on the wordpress domain settings editor says that it is pointed to the correct server ip address. I assume something happened when I tried to transfer the domain over to since thats where my hosting account is. except the transfer was rejected because I accidentally changed the registrants name and triggered a 60 day lock. It was working even after I did that but not for more than 48 hours before it crapped out on me. I know I need to talk to someone from but I cant find any numbers to call... meanwhile my site is down...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is the domain in question? That will help me a lot in looking into this.

  3. Oh man, I'm sorry haha. Its

  4. If it helps to know, I called Wild West Domains, who is the domain registrar for this domain, and for all domains distributed through but apparently there is nothing they can do.

  5. So a couple things.

    The account you are posting from is not the account that owns

    Secondly, what are the nameservers your webhost gave you to point to their servers? Is GoDaddy your webhost as well as your registrar (or who you wanted as your registrar anyway)?

  6. I believe this is the account that ownes the domain. The nameservers for godaddy are and an "nslookup" command for mokshaaerialstudio shows the domain is pointed at the IP address:, but the correct IP address is and the A Name on the dns settings page is set to the correct IP.

    according to is a godaddy "parking" server. what do you suppose is causing the domain to point to a location other than where it is being told to point?

  7. Things look like the are set up correctly form our end. What does GoDaddy support tell you when you ask them what is going on?

  8. They tell me that it is being pointed at the wrong ip address. and that I need to talk to the domain registrar about what the problem might be...

    Is there ANY possible way for me to get the 60 day lock lifted for the domain transfer? honestly all of this would be much easier if godaddy support could just take care of this over a single phone call, but I accidentally changed the name of the registrant to the new business owner without knowing that ICANN's policy on name changes was to initiate a 60 day lock on transfers :( I am losing business with this site being down every day. ANYTHING you could do to help would be immensely appreciated.

  9. I just called them again and the guy was much more helpful than previous agents, what he told me was that the zone file on your end is definitely not functioning properly or showing you the proper information, and to tell you that a possible solution would be to perform a reconcile. but that you should double and even triple check for problems, and that its not a common issue.

  10. So, it looks to me like the domain transfer is still pending. Both to see if you can get it to go through and to eliminate it as a possible source of trouble, please log into your site's dashboard and go to Store--> Domains. Then click "edit domain" then "transfer domain" and then try approving the transfer and seeing if it will go through.

  11. Done, and while we wait, here is a copy of the email I received when I tried to initiate the transfer originally:


    Dear Holly Rogers,

    The transfer you requested has been declined because you opted-in to a transfer lock for 60 days when you agreed to the Change of Registrant policy.

    For security reasons, when you change the registrant's first name, last name, or organization name, you consent to a 60 day lock on transferring the domain name. Because you have provided your consent, Section 3(6) of the ICANN Policy on Transfer of Registration between Registrars permits us to decline your transfer request.

    If you feel the lock was initiated in error, you may contact [email redacted] to request a review.

    Domain Services"

  12. the transfer screen shows rejected at godaddy still

  13. Okay, so if that isn't going through. Can you "decline" it on the end? I'd like to get it our of the way to eliminate that as an issue.

  14. Ok, I retried the transfer, and declined it on your end. then I deleted and recreated the A-Name Record in the zone file, and refreshed the nameservers. so far it is still not working, but will give it a few minutes to see if the nslookup changes

  15. after 1 hour, still nothing :( can we just drop the 60 day lock so the transfer goes through?!

  16. The 60 day transfer rule isn't ours, it is an ICANN rule to prevent fraud.

    So I'm wondering if the issue is that you have both nameservers and the IP forwarding. I'm going to try a few things and see if I can't make something different happen.

  17. Did GoDaddy tell you to use Their instructions for externally registered domains use those two as an example, but indicate that your specific nameservers should be listed in your initial hosting email.

  18. Oh my god... you are absolutely correct... If this works I am going to feel incredibly and utterly stupefied at how I missed that. And I have a sneaking suspicion it will. fingers crossed. I guess it can a while so I suppose we will play the waiting game.

  19. according to this test:
    It looks like the nameservers did update, but the ip address is still pointed in the wrong direction unfortunately.

  20. Did GoDaddy tell you that you needed both the nameservers AND the A record? Typically you would use one or the other. Though I suppose there are situations where you might use both, so I don't want to point the finger completely to that being the issue.

    However, I'd be inclined to let the NS propagate, then if it didn't work, delete the A-Record and see if that changes anything.

  21. They didnt tell me that, but they noticed I had it that way and said it was probably ok, Ill let it propagate for a bit and change them.

  22. Good deal.

  23. still nada :/

  24. I'm really not sure what to say here. We've got everything set up the way GD has told you, and you can see that the domain is pointing to somewhere on their servers (a parking location). I think you need to call them and lean on them and ask what the deal is.

  25. Ive called them many times, I dont know what else to do. You guys are the registrars arent you? GoDaddy cant do anything to a domain that isnt registered through them. they can only make recommendations, which they have done.

  26. I am going to reach out to someone at WWD and see what I can find out.

    As the domain is pointing to somewhere at GD with the info they are giving you, it I'm not sure why it isn't getting to your hosting account there.

  27. So here's what I got from my WWD contact:

    "The customer will need to contact GoDaddy directly for support on this issue."

    Which in a way, doesn't make sense. Because WWD is just a arm of GoDaddy.

    I'm really not sure what to do here. Somebody at GoDaddy is giving you incorrect information. Either you shouldn't be using both nameservers and an IP or the IP is incorrect or they don't have something connected correctly to your hosting account.

    Maybe contact them again and point them to this forum thread?

  28. I will do that, meanwhile, did you try reconciling ownership of the zone file manually?

  29. So here's a bit of wonderful news, the domain is pointing correctly.

    It looks like having the NS set to us and the IP pointing to GD was the way to go.

  30. I know!!! I guess just playing around with the different configurations was what it needed. I now have a much better understanding on how domains and name servers work. thanks for all your help through all the frustration. Much appreciated!!

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