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domain forwarding

  1. I am thinking about moving my small wordpress site from a paid host. Would it be against tos to forward a domain instead of doing a nameserver change?


  2. You can forward - don't know of any reason it would not be allowed - but search engines would not index the domain that was forwarded - so no search engine traffic - do the $ 12-- easier.

    Note also that the rules are different here than they are for your current host. You should read the Terms of Service very careful before you move.

  3. thanks. just was wondering if wordpress would react since forwarding would bypass that 12 bucks a month. I do realized the search issue but really dont care, and since it is a small site, the limitations of using would not really matter, though there would be a couple of widgets I would miss.

  4. You mean 12 bucks a YEAR.

  5. oops, you are right :-) some days I know what I want to type but my fingers just wont cooperate.

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