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domain forwarding

  1. I paid WordPress to transfer my domain name from their version to this one ( They charge $13. for this. I've been waiting about four days for this to happen, which seems extreme and is very frustrating. I'm not transferring content or anything, I just want the address to point to the .net address. Pls. help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. does not seem to be registered - you need to register a domain name first - you also want domain mapping not domain forwarding - domain helper shows no domain mapping for

    What do you see at: Dashboard >> Store >> My Upgrades?

  3. If I go to the store and then to domains, here is the message: The primary domain for your blog is The other URLs above will redirect to that domain. I think when you checked, you may have misspelled my new domain name. The wordpress store page shows awareness of the new address, and I have it selected to be the primary domain, and yet nothing happens.

  4. I copied from your spelling - however your name servers seem to be set wrong

  5. but in your note to me you have "downwardmibility" with an "i" in "mobility." From the support page, it still seems to me like I've done everything required. They accepted my new domain name (and my payment), and it's clicked off as the primary domain. Shouldn't this be enough? Sorry, I'm a little lost doing this.

  6. - does have domain mapping - but you need to change the name servers per the link I gave you above - the name servers need to be changed at your registrar

  7. registrar - I need to contact Network Solutions then? I can do that. I did call them once already and they didn't see any activity on my new domain. I thought when I paid Worpress it was to take care of all this.

  8. yes you need to change your name servers at Network Solutions - no WordPress.COM will not do that for you - see the link above I gave you

  9. It looks like you got this working, and I'm seeing your site here:

    Just let us know if you need further help.

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