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Domain Forwarding and Hosting

  1. If I buy my own domain eg: and transfer my current blog eg: who will host the blog. Do I have to buy wordpress credits for hosting or look for a hosting provider of my own choice and run my own WP installation.

  2. You can do the domain mapping so that is the url of your blog here at

    That's a FAQ on the subject. It's at the FAQ blog linked at teh head of the forums if you want to review it. It woul dbe $10 a year since you already have the domain name.

  3. well I just recently did this...and I'm a computer dunce so someone can correct me if i'm wrong..

    the place you 'bought' is the domain registrant but wordpress is the domain hoster. you need to configure the something or other (dns maybe it's called..I forget) on so it points to wordpress (there are instructions for this in wordpress faq). it's 10 credits to domain map, if I recall. after you purchase the credits, go to your dashboard and I think it's options-add domain. very easy after that. :)

  4. If I run my own installation of WP do I still have to pay $10/Yr?

  5. Probably not as you wouldn't be using's nameservers.

  6. Thanks. Do you think it would affect my PR?

  7. Changing domains? Probably as you would be basically starting over from stratch until folks found you again.

    What you could do is go ahead and get the domain mapping here with the domain, sit on it for a couple of weeks until folks get used to teh new domain name and adjust their links, and then move by changing the name servers for teh domain.

  8. Thanks for your Help! Everyone- Appreciate it!

  9. Not a problem. :)

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