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    I just recently set my old godday registered domain name to point to a wordpress blog I created today using wordpress’ domain forwarding service. Previously went to a blog I had on a now dead server.

    I changed the Name Servers in the godaddy options to the ones needed for wordpress and all that.

    Now I have a curious issue. The domain forwarding works for everyone I’ve asked, except… me. When anyone else goes to they go to my new blog created today (and very boring looking, hehe). I have tried both computers in my house, running of a netgear RP614 router and cannot get to my blog. I either get a Page Cannot be Displayed error or it goes to a google search. I CAN access the blog going to however. I have tried flushing the dns cache and playing with my routers settings but cannot for the life of my find a way to get to my own site using (or on my computers.

    Doing ping tells me “Ping requests cannot find host Please check the name and try again.”

    Any advice?



    I had exeactly the same problem yesterday but it seems to have sorted itself out today so I suspect it is just a time issue.




    Both appear to be working although is setup to forward to the URL of the blog while is the URL and stays so in teh address bar.


    Feedback sent.


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