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    Hi there,
    i have the domain registered on wordpress.
    once i log in i can just see the and is not the one that i want to modify

    it is registered on wordpress but i cannot use it

    The blog I need help with is



    Please provide the URL for the blog in question ie. “the one that i want to modify” in the form of an active link starting with http://



    Hi there,

    Please note that the domain: is not in the account under the username: hoopdiary. The domain is in a different account. Please log into that account and you will have access to that domain.

    Please note that domains cannot be edited in any way. If you want to change the name /spelling you would have to purchase a new domain.

    Let me know if you have any questions with this!



    Hi there,
    the domain is:
    i believe i have just one wordpress account (that is hoopdiary). In fact i set my franquiciasporelmundo email on google apps modifying the DNS trough wordpress.
    When i was entering my account before i could enter but now i cannot see it.
    If i have another wordpress account please give me the details.
    In fact what i want to do is transferring the domain somewhere else…
    thank you and regards



    As my colleague explained, the domain was registered by a different user account. This was done back in January.

    If you were the one who registered the domain, please try logging out of your hoopdiary account and try logging in using different email addresses you may have used then to gain access to the account.

    Once you have logged into the correct account, if you can post in this thread under that account and make the request, we can transfer the domain to your hoopdiary account and help you point it to the site.

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