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Domain Gone; Not Receiving Replies

  1. My domain apparently expired in August and I never received any kind of notification that it did. Not a single email. I have now been trying to get in touch with customer service from WordPress for TWO WEEKS and am absolutely appalled at the lack of basic customer service or even a phone number as my site has now been down for a while, I am losing money daily, and I have had experts escalate my concerns to you four times and still not a single response. I am not at all happy with the service lately. Whatever fees need to be paid to renew my domain I will do but I need this fixed ASAP. I have been trying to transfer the rights to SiteGround and cannot do so until the domain has been renewed.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Renee,

    We have already sent you three emails with instructions on how to recover your domain. Have you received those emails? If not can you please check your Gmail's spam folder, the inbox tabs, or if you have any custom filters active? You can read more about troubleshooting Gmail here:

  3. Hello! No, I have not received any of those emails. Could you please resend the instructions to a different email? [email redacted]
    Thank you!

  4. Howdy

    Have you checked your spam folder in your email?

    you get more instruction here:

  5. Yes; I have not received any emails, and I'm not sure why. I did the trouble shooting steps and they're not finding anything. What I am confused about is I am getting notified of replies to this thread, but not actual emails with how to resolve the problem.

  6. I have just sent you another email with the instructions on how to recover your domain.

    Let me know if you can't receive it.

  7. Can someone please resend the instructions to the new email I specified? Thank you..!

  8. Fotis,
    I received the email this time, thank you! I searched the spam folder and still never found any of the old ones. Payment is now complete if you could please retrieve that domain for me; I am extremely grateful!

  9. I have replied to you via email. I'll close this thread.

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